A little more about Bianca


I am a passionate TrueBrow™ Specialist of 4 years, qualified Beauty therapist of 14 years. I look at the brow differently and I understand the true path to restoration. By using unique cutting-edge techniques and design principals created by the creator of the TrueBrow™ System - Elle Wilson


Now more than ever women are discovering just how much a beautiful Brow shape can enhance your face. As a TrueBrow™ Specialist, my passion is to saving the natural Brow 1 brow at a time. I believe every woman is unique and I offer the knowledge, skill and expertise to bring out the full potential of your Brow, without any gimmicks, tattoo, stains or serums.

Whether your Brows are unruly, miss-shaped, over-plucked, sparse or uneven, I am here to join you on your journey and get your TrueBrows back.


We all deserve to experience the confidence a soft, feminine, beautifully shaped Brow can bring.

(07) 4951 2406

1-52 Macalister St, Mackay 4740

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