The TrueBrow Cosmetics

The TrueBrow™ Collection is an exclusive range of cosmetic brow products designed with the same aesthetic design principles in mind as the TrueBrow™ System. Researched and developed in Australia, this product line is dedicated to offering women fuller brows instantly that still look perfectly natural and with exceptional staying power, there are no touch ups required throughout the day.

The Collection is the perfect product for women suffering from discoloration, scarring or unattractive design due to microblading fails. It's power to help your clients feel better about themselves whilst you are correcting these brow fails, brings a deep sigh of relief to many TrueBrow salon owners and their clients.

An easy 2-step product range designed specifically to go hand-in-hand with the TrueBrow premium brow services. 

The TrueBrow™ Collection Kit has the power to create depth, fullness and most importantly, softness for any brow. For those women who love the bold brow, it offers them an instant 'wow' factor and still looks beautifully natural. 

Women with sparse, misshaped brows can now experience a natural looking fullness, instantly. It is the perfect solution and confidence builder for your clients who are in the midst of the restoration phase. 

Within the TrueBrow™ Collection are 2 products and 1 tool; Element, True Color and a TrueBrow™ Precision Brush.

Element is step 1. It is a unique formulation that is applied with the TrueBrow™ Precision Brush to the hairs of the brows and any skin where one wishes to build the brow. Element increases the longevity of the True Color on the brow and enables the user to create the natural softness they desire.

True Color, step 2, is available in 3 shades that coherently match to every brow. The True Color pigment is extraordinarily versatile in its application to achieve the look your client desires, be it soft, bold, defined, raw or ever so subtle. Women are falling in love with it every single day.

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